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title: for this dance we'll move with each other (4)
fandom: hawaii five-0
pairing: danny/oc, steve/kono
rating: T
summary: danny raising grace all by himself. a new member on the team. a gang war that goes higher than any of them realized. ohana means never having to do this dance alone.
a/n: i realize that there is a character named gabby on the show now, but my gabby is an OC. And the new governor here is NOT the governor from season 2.
disclaimer: none of the characters (except gabby) belong to me.

Chapter 1 || Chapter 2 || Chapter 3

"Well, he's dead," Gabby quipped as she stood over the body.

"Gee, you think?" Danny asked. "He's only got half of his face blown off."

"And he's been burned," Chin observed. "Shot and then set on fire. That's overkill to say the least."

"I was simply pointing out that they got the job done," she replied.

The heat was doing its best to be oppressive, but their crime scene was close to the water, and a cooling breeze came through steadily, turning it into a lovely day. Aside from the dead body at their feet, of course. Gabby looked around at the small crowd standing just outside of the yellow tape and frowned. It was early in the day, but the body was in a public enough spot that it should have attracted a much bigger group. Instead, people seemed to be bypassing the spot altogether, even keeping their eyes averted.

"Hey, boys," she called out over her shoulder, her hands on her hips.

"We do have names, you know," Danny retorted. "I realize you're the new girl and all, but they're not difficult. I'm sure a smart cop like you can retain that kind of information."

She rolled her eyes. "Thank you, Daniel, for that vote of confidence."

Steve sighed at their banter. "What's up?"

"Honolulu has a few gangs, yes?"

He nodded. "Yeah, why?"

"I've noticed that people tend to lose their curiousity when their lives might be in danger." Gabby gestured at the crowd. "And the people around here are acting theĀ  very opposite of curious this morning."

Steve gave the area a quick once-over, immediately seeing what she saw. "You would think a burned body would get more attention."

"I know that I would stop to gawk."

"That's slightly morbid, dear," Danny teased.

"It's the job, love."

"I'll talk with the gang unit," Chin cut in. "See if anything has come across their desks lately that might have led up to this."

Steve nodded. "Good. Gabby, I want you to check in with Kono. The two of you can sift through everything we get from forensics."

Danny shook his head. "I cannot believe she came in today."

"You didn't really expect her to sit home, did you?" Chin asked. "C'mon, brah. You know Kono better than that. She can't wait for medical clearance to get back in the field."

Steve's jaw tightened. "She's not getting her gun back until she gets that clearance."

"Please," Gabby replied. "Like she doesn't have at least two backups on her."

His expression turned even more sour and he gestured to the car. "Danno, let's go."

Gabby frowned. "What was that?"

"That," Danny answered, "is what I like to call his 'aneurysm face.' And that particular one is what we see whenever the youngest member of our little ohana is in danger. Try not to taunt him about it."

"That's half the fun, though."

"Please. I am the one that will have to suffer."

Gabby sighed. "Fine." She waved a dismissive hand at him. "Off with you. Your chauffeur is getting agitated."

"I'm gonna tell him you said that," Danny promised, heading towards the car.

"You do that. I'm not afraid of a piddly Navy SEAL."

He grinned. "I am definitely telling him that."


"Knock knock."

Kono looked up to see Gabby walking in, and she smiled at her friend. A part of her had loved when it was just the four of them on the team - they had learned how to balance everything just right, and a fifth person could easily thrown them off-kilter. But Gabby was a good cop, and a good friend, and Kono was looking forward to having another woman to talk to on a daily basis.

"Hey. Did the boys kick you out already?"

She rolled her eyes. "I was introduced to Steven's 'aneurysm face.'"

"Uh-oh. What did Danny do?"

"Nothing, actually. This one was apparently directed towards you and your impatience at getting back out into the field." She paused. "That man worries about you."

Kono shook her head. "He doesn't need to. I can take care of myself."

"Perhaps he wants to take care of you."

She gave her friend an incredulous look. "Seriously? You've been here all of a week and you're already starting trouble?"

Gabby shrugged. "I do what I can. Has forensics sent anything over yet?"

"Just pictures so far. They're working on trying to get dental records from the vic - his body was too burned to get fingerprints."

Gabby grabbed a stool and sat down next to her. "I guess we get to look at pictures, then."

Kono grinned. "Guess so."


"Akau Kealoha," Danny announced as he walked into the room.

"God bless you," Gabby replied.

He grinned at her, one non-Hawaiian to another. "Our vic. His name was Akau Kealoha."

"I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that he was a local?"

Steve nodded as he came in. Kono was already pulling up the information on the computer screen while he began talking.

"High-ranking member of the Three Kings."

Gabby frowned. "How high-ranking?"

"High enough that this could mean very bad things."

Danny raised a hand. "Am I the only one who doesn't know who the Three Kings are here?"

Kono nodded. "Pretty much. Anyone who grew up on the island knows about them."

"And they've had a few cops on their payroll in the past," Gabby added. "IA has had some dealings. They are not pleasant individuals."

"Drugs, women, weapons," Kono listed off. "They do it all. It's a running joke that they own the island. Not so funny if you're a cop, though."

"Okay," Danny replied. "So who would want to knock off Akau? Aside from those of us wearing a badge, of course."

"The Brothers might," Chin supplied, stepping into the room.

"Are we talking actual brothers here?"

"That's how the gang got started." Chin replaced Kono at the computer, pulling up two other pictures. "Koni and Sione Fah. Brothers from Samoa that came here when they were teenagers. They quickly set up shop, and their ruthlessness forced out the competition. Wasn't long before their operation grew and they bumped up against the Three Kings. Things got nasty for awhile - bodies showing up everywhere, cops running from crime scene to crime scene."

"So what happened?"

He shook his head. "The deaths stopped. HPD assumed that a truce was made. There's a buffer zone now between the two territories and nobody messes with that."

"And where we found the body today?" Steve asked. "Whose turf were we on?"

"Three Kings."

"So somebody came onto their own turf and did this? That's a pretty bold message."

Chin nodded. "And if it was the Brothers, the Three Kings will hit back hard. This could turn into a full-scale gang war."

"Probably a good chance civilians will get caught in the crossfire," Danny pointed out. "So how do we cut this off?"

Chin's expression was grim. "I'm not sure we can."


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