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It's finally finished!!!!!!!!! There may be an epilogue at some point, but it won't really be J/C...more...M/N. That's if I ever get around to writing it. But as it stands now, the story is complete :) Hope you enjoy! Thanks to Ktswaz for the much needed help with the bedroom scene.

            The walk back from the beach had been pleasant, but slightly awkward. Jack had taken her hand with a little more confidence than his earlier bumbling attempt. They had gone down the path in silence, both caught up in anxious thoughts on the night ahead.
            When they had returned to the hotel room, Chloe immediately grabbed her bags and went into the bathroom, leaving Jack to change in the bedroom this time. As he opened his suitcase, he was relieved to see that Milo had packed him some nice clothes. He pulled out the black dress pants and black shirt and began to change, trying desperately to keep his nerves in check.
            He wasn't exactly sure when things had started to change between himself and Chloe. They seemed to have just jumped from colleagues to friends to…whatever they were now. He racked his brain, trying to find that moment of change. He was pretty sure that the change to friendship had come when Chloe announced that she trusted him. It was at that point that he had realized he trusted her as well. But the other change…At first he thought that it had happened recently, since his return from China. As he continued to think about it though, he realized that the shift had occurred before then. The utter relief he had felt when she had run into his arms almost three years ago. His reluctance to let her go even though he knew Diane's son was watching from the helicopter. The rage he felt when he found out that Spencer had used her to get closer to him. The way his heart broke when she was forced to watch Edgar die. The fact that he had clung to the thought of her when everything else had left him under the constant weight of torture.
            If he wanted to be honest with himself, Jack had to admit that he had fallen in love with Chloe O'Brian years ago.
            Chloe tried desperately to still the butterflies that were fluttering around inside her stomach. She kept telling herself that it was just dinner with a friend, but her body knew the truth and refused to listen. With everything that had happened in the past two days, she knew that this was anything but an innocent dinner. Her body tingled as she tried to put on the black dress Nadia had packed her, and she realized with some surprise that her hands were shaking.
            She had known that she had a crush on Jack Bauer for years. But she had written it off as a silly infatuation. But then she had found herself trusting him implicitly, going to him when Driscoll wouldn't listen to her. She offered to listen if he ever needed someone to talk to. She helped him fake his death – and then met with him secretly to keep him updated on what was happening at CTU. She called him out of hiding when the terrorists were chasing her, and she had practically leapt into his arms when she saw him waiting for her with a helicopter. She had nearly broken when the Chinese took him, her heart in physical pain at the thought of what he had to endure. And she had barely been able to contain her joy when he had walked back into CTU that day a free man.
            Chloe sighed with the realization that she had been completely in love with Jack Bauer for years.
            He turned around, startled at the small voice coming from the barely-opened bathroom door. Smiling, he took a few steps closer.
            "I need help."
            Chloe paused, feeling a flush creep up her neck. "With the dress. I need help."
            It was Jack's turn to pause, as he registered her words. The image of a half-naked Chloe invaded his thoughts, and he found himself unable to think coherently. A voice in the back of his mind suggested that Milo and Nadia had planned this as well, giving Chloe a dress that she couldn't put on herself.
            Shaking himself out of his thoughts, Jack stepped into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him without really knowing why.
            Jack nearly choked at the sight before him. Chloe was standing in front of the mirror, her hands reached behind her, trying to tie up the laces of her dress. What made him stare though, was that the dress had no back. It cut all the way down to the base of her spine, and there were only small black laces that cut here and there across her back. His eyes skimmed over her bare skin, wondering again how he was supposed to do any kind of coherent thinking when she was around.
            Chloe held out the bottom laces to him. "Well?" she asked.
            Jack nodded, trying to refocus his mind on the task at hand. Reaching out, he took the laces in his hands and pulled, tightening the dress so that it hugged her every curve intimately. As he went to tie a knot, his knuckles grazed her spine and Chloe inhaled sharply. Jack froze, his hands still barely touching her back.
            "Too tight?" he asked, surprised at how shaky his voice was.
            Chloe shook her head and controlled her voice just long enough to get out a strained "No."
            Jack finished tying the knot, but hesitated to move his hands away. Chloe stood still, her eyes closed. She wondered why Jack hadn't moved yet, but she couldn't convince her body to take a step away either.
            A small gasp escaped her lips as she felt Jack's lips on her left shoulder. He paused, gauging her reaction. When she didn't pull away or yell at him, he lowered his lips to her skin again, kissing his way across her shoulder and down her neck. He paused at the top of her spine, his lips so close that she could feel his breath on her skin.
            "Jack…" she whispered.
            "Do you want me to stop?"
            Chloe shook her head. "I was wondering if we could skip dinner."
            Jack's eyes widened at her question and its implications. He gently put his hands on her shoulders and turned her around slowly so that he could look in her eyes. What he saw there took his breath away.
            "I want to do this right, Chloe."
            Chloe frowned. "I know, Jack. But…we already did the dinner thing. And I know you're sober. And I really just need you to kiss me right now."
            Jack smiled as he brought his hands up to cup her face. Leaning in, he softly captured her lips with his, letting the kiss linger. Chloe sighed against him before moving her lips sensuously over his and sliding her arms up around his neck. Jack tilted his head to deepen the kiss, teasing her mouth open with his tongue and wrapping his arms around her waist to pull her up against his body. Turning her around, he pushed her back up against the bathroom door and pinned her there with his lower body, letting his hands roam.
            As their kisses became more urgent, Jack realized that he had a problem. In no way did he want their first time to be there on the bathroom floor of a hotel, no matter how nice that bathroom floor was. But he had Chloe pinned against the door, and explaining his need to get into the bedroom would have required him to stop kissing her – and that was the last thing he wanted to do.
            An idea finally formed in his head, and Jack wrapped his arms around Chloe's waist to lift her off the ground. She seemed to be having the same thoughts as she wrapped her legs around his body, letting him bear her weight. Staggering backwards slightly, Jack fumbled with the doorknob before finally wrenching it open and propelling them into the bedroom.
            When they neared the foot of the bed, Jack set Chloe back down on the floor and reluctantly dragged his lips away from hers. He trailed kisses down her neck and onto her shoulder as he walked around her, coming to stand behind her. As he focused his mouth's attentions on her back, Jack undid the laces holding up her dress and let it flutter to the floor.
            Turning her around to face him again, Jack took in the beauty of her body. He suddenly wondered why he…why they hadn't done this years ago. Staring at her, Jack silently cursed himself for repressing his feelings for so long, for making her doubt how important she was to him.
            Chloe fidgeted under his scrutiny. They had been moving quickly toward the bed before, and his sudden halt made her worry that he was having second thoughts and wanted to stop.
            "Jack?" she whispered.
            He could hear the confusion and panic in her voice. Taking her face in his hands, he smiled at her warmly. "Still here. Not going anywhere."
            He heard her sigh in relief and then her hands were at his shirt, unbuttoning it with a determined look on her face. As she undid each button she kissed the skin that was revealed there. Jack closed his eyes and rested his hands on her shoulders, rubbing them as Chloe rid him completely of his shirt.
            As soon as the garment was gone, the two crashed back into each other, their lips eagerly seeking out the other's. Chloe gasped as Jack's bare chest made contact with her oversensitive breasts. Bringing his hands up to knead the soft mounds of flesh, Jack sent Chloe far past the point of any coherent thought. She arched into him, moaning into his mouth.
            Then suddenly his hands were gone. But before Chloe could question their absence, she felt herself being lifted up and set gently on the bed. When Jack didn't immediately get on top of her, she propped herself up on her elbows to see what he was doing. She saw him staring at her as his trembling fingers were going toward his belt buckle.
            Smiling, she swatted at his hands and his fingers stilled instantly. She gently brushed them aside before hooking her index finger behind the black patented leather. She unhurriedly urged it from the buckle. She glanced up at Jack innocently when she heard his breathing become labored.
            "Tease," Jack jokingly huffed.
            "You know you like it," she answered as she deliberately unbuttoned his trousers.
            He chuckled at her bluntness. Her nimble fingers skimmed the metal of the zipper, forcing a sharp intake of breath from Jack. A few excruciating seconds later his pants were completely undone and Jack quickly rid himself of both them and his boxers.
            A second later, Chloe found herself on her back again, trapped between his throbbing body and the mattress. Jack's insistent mouth crashed against hers again and she answered it with her own hunger. Both were left breathless when they pulled back. Jack gently brushed an errant strand of brown hair out of her face, idly wondering what he had done to deserve her. Chloe reached up and stroked his face with her hand.
            "You okay?" she asked.
            Jack nodded. "I love you," he whispered.
            The grin that broke out on Chloe's face melted his heart. He was suddenly struck with the thought that he wanted to spend the rest of his life making her smile like that.
            "I love you too."
            Reaching her arms around his neck, she pulled him back down to her, molding her body to his. Moans of pleasure came from both as they explored each other, reveling in the feeling that they were finally home.
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            Jack inwardly groaned as he awoke to sunlight pouring into the room, and quickly shut his eyes again. His head was pounding and the room was swimming and he seemed to be tangled up in another person's limbs. He slowly opened one eye and was mildly surprised, although infinitely relieved, to see Chloe's sleeping form cuddled up against him. He smiled at the sight of her, reveling in how beautiful she was even in sleep.
            Jack bit back another groan as he remembered the previous evening. He hadn't meant to drink that much, and he certainly hadn't meant to confuse Chloe. He had kissed her because he wanted to, and because the alcohol had stopped his brain from coming up with any more objections. But he remembered the look on her face when she had pulled back – she was confused, and worried that he was just drunk and desperate.
            A smile spread across his face as he remembered his last words to her on the beach. He would just wake her up and let her know that it had not been the alcohol talking, that he still very much so wanted to kiss her and have his way with her. He lifted his hand to push the hair back from her face and tuck it behind her ear. She stirred slightly, but remained sleeping, and Jack moved his hand to her arm, gently rubbing up and down. Chloe stirred again, this time pushing her body up against his and moaning quietly. Jack's smile grew as he saw the effect his touch was having on her. He leaned his head down to her ear. But just as he was about to wake her, his stomach heaved and Jack realized that the alcohol was about to come back with a vengeance.
            He bolted out of bed and slid to his knees in front of the toilet, emptying the contents to his stomach. He silently cursed himself for being such an idiot. If he had just kissed Chloe on the beach like he had wanted to, none of this would be happening. In fact, he'd probably be in bed with her right now, making love to her and eliciting more of those moans that turned him on so much. Instead he was stuck with the not-nearly-as-sexy toilet for company.
            Chloe had woken up at the sound of Jack rushing from the room, the bed suddenly much colder in his absence. She frowned as she vaguely remembered Jack touching her just moments earlier, but her thoughts were interrupted by the sounds of her friend getting sick in the bathroom. She smiled ruefully and got up to join him.
            "I told you," she said simply.
            Jack glared at her, still hugging the toilet. "Shut up."
            "Well I did."
            "Chloe…" he warned.
            She laughed and knelt down beside him, rubbing his back as he doubled over and got sick again.
            "You don't have to do that," he said quietly.
            "Do you want me to leave?"
            Chloe smiled. "Then I'm staying."
            Fifteen minutes later, Jack hauled himself off of the bathroom floor and decided that it was time for a shower. He contemplated asking Chloe if she wanted to join him, but he figured that might not go over so well.
            He emerged twenty minutes later to find Chloe dressed in jeans and sneakers, filling a backpack. He leaned against the doorframe, watching her, wondering how he was going to tell her how he felt. He supposed he could just blurt it out now, but he hesitated again, and then the moment was gone.
            "You're gonna want long pants," Chloe said when she saw him standing there.
            "Where are we going?" he asked, rifling through his suitcase for a pair of jeans.
            Chloe shrugged. I thought we could go for a hike, explore a little bit. If you want to do something else…"
            Jack smiled at her. "No. This sounds great."
            Chloe nodded and continued filling her bag.
            There were paths all over the island, crisscrossing through the jungle, most eventually leading to one beach or another. Chloe picked one at random and just started walking, enjoying each other's company. Jack struggled with himself for a good half hour before finally plucking up the courage to take Chloe's hand. As his fingers brushed her palm, Chloe jumped, jerking her hand away. Jack pulled his hand back as well.
            "Sorry," he said, looking everywhere but at her. "I, uh-"
            Chloe tried to calm her heartbeat. She had been so lost in her thoughts that when Jack had touched her, it had scared her half to death. She smiled at him, sad that she had ruined the moment.
            "No, I'm sorry. I was just…thinking. You startled me, that's all."
            Jack nodded and they began walking again, both lost in thought. Jack wondered if he should try a second time, but he wasn't sure if he was just being foolish. Maybe she really didn't want him touching her. But with everything else that had happened on this trip so far…was he just reading the signs wrong?
            He was jerked out of his thoughts at the feel of Chloe's hand tentatively sliding into his own. When he turned his head to look at her, he saw that a small blush was creeping up her neck as she kept her gaze straight ahead, refusing to look at him. Jack smiled and squeezed her hand, reassuring her that this was okay.
            An hour later they found themselves on a secluded beach. Chloe walked halfway to the water before setting her backpack down and opening it, rummaging through its contents. Jack watched her in amusement.
            "What are you doing?" he asked.
            Chloe pulled out a blanket and spread it on the sand underneath the shade of a tree, using rocks to weigh the corners down. She then kneeled in front of the bag and pulled out containers, opening them one by one and setting them on the blanket. When she was finished she looked up at Jack and said simply, "Lunch."
            Jack grinned and sat down across from her, pleasantly surprised by the little picnic she had set up. They ate in comfortable silence, enjoying the breeze that was coming off the water. Chloe had ordered sandwiches from room service while Jack had been in the shower, and they feasted on those as they watched the waves crash against the sand. When they were finished, Chloe packed up all of the containers and put them back in her bag. Then she pulled out two books, handing one to Jack.
            "What's this?" he asked, looking at the book in confusion.
            "A book."
            Jack sighed. "I can see that, Chloe."
            "Then why did you ask?" she replied as she slipped on her sunglasses and tried to get comfortable laying down on the blanket.
            "You know what I meant."
            Chloe propped herself up on her elbows and looked at him. "I thought we could just sit and read. You know, enjoy the day. Isn't that what you're supposed to do on a tropical island?"
            Jack smiled at her, realizing that she had planned this whole day – packing the lunch, picking the trail, finding the beach. "Yeah it is," he said. He looked around him and then scooted back to the tree behind them and leaned against it, opening his book.         Satisfied, Chloe laid back down and tried to get comfortable again. She tried sitting up, laying on her stomach, leaning on her arm – nothing was working. She glared at Jack, who was obviously comfortable, but he kept his eyes on his book, suppressing the grin that tugged at his mouth. Chloe weighed her options in her mind, finally deciding to throw caution to the wind.
            Jack watched from the corner of his eye as Chloe got up and walked towards him. He figured she was going to demand that he move over and share his tree. Instead, she pulled his knees apart and planted herself right in front of him, leaning against his chest for support. She shifted a couple times, sending waves of electricity throughout Jack's body, and then settled down and opened her book. Jack couldn't see it, but she grinned as she felt his heartbeat race against her back.
            Jack nearly choked at her proximity. Did she realize what she was doing to him? He concentrated on slowing his breathing and regaining control of his body. Deciding that a little revenge was in order, he wrapped his left arm around her waist, sliding his fingers under the hem of her shirt and letting them stroke her skin. Hearing the hitch in her breath, he pulled her closer, placed a kiss on the side of her neck and opened his book.
            As the sun began to set, Jack set his book down and wrapped his right arm around Chloe's waist so that she was completely surrounded by him. At this she closed her book as well and leaned her head back onto his chest, placing her hands over his.
            "It's amazing, isn't it?" he asked quietly.
            "What is?"
            "How easy it is to spend a whole day doing nothing – and to enjoy every second of it."
            Chloe smiled at that. She never imagined that they would be sharing something like this, that they would ever get to enjoy each other's company in a situation that didn't involve bombs or terrorists.
            "I'm taking you to dinner tonight," Jack stated, interrupting her thoughts.
            "Some place nice. So you have to wear dress."
            "Now you're pushing it," Chloe replied.
            "I have to dress nice too."
            "Have you ever worn a dress?"
            "Then I win."
            Jack paused for a moment, and then said quietly, "I want to do it right this time."
            Chloe froze, not believe what she had just heard. "What?"
            "I screwed up last night, Chloe. I know I drank too much. I'm going to do it right this time." He paused again. "I'm going to be sober when I seduce you."
            "Seduce me?" Chloe squeaked.
            "Do you have any objections to that?" he asked, wondering if this would be easier or harder looking her in the face.
            Chloe crinkled her nose. "I thought I was the one that was supposed to be seducing you," she said.
            Jack laughed at that. "Is it possible to seduce each other at the same time?"
            Chloe shrugged, trying to hide her nervousness. "Guess we'll find out."
            Jack smiled and brought his lips to her ear. "So you'll come? To dinner?"
            Chloe sat up and turned his arms so that she could face him. "Of course." Leaning forward, she planted a firm kiss on his lips and then stood up to pack their stuff. As he watched her in wonder, she gave him a classic Chloe look.
            "Come on, Jack. If you expect me to go to dinner, you have to give me time to make myself look like a real girl."
            Standing up, Jack walked over to her and grabbed her waist from behind, pulling her against him. "You don’t need to do anything extra to look like a "real girl," Chloe. You're stunning as it is."
            Smiling at the compliment, Chloe finished packing up their stuff and grabbed his hand, leading him back down the trail toward the hotel.
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This chapter's not as funny....But I hope you enjoy anyway. The vacation couldn't be ALL fun and games. 

            The restaurant was more of a large bar with tables and chairs spread out around it. But the atmosphere was warm and the music was soothing as it played quietly in the background. There were poles set up around the perimeter, with lights wrapped around them. The waves from the ocean could still be faintly heard and a gentle breeze was coming off the water. There were a fair number of people eating dinner, but a few tables were still empty. Jack and Chloe ordered drinks at the bar and then picked a table to sit at.
            Chloe looked around in confusion. "Uh, Jack? Where do they make the food?"
            Jack chuckled and pointed behind her. "There's a kitchen up there. They bring it down to you when it's ready."
            Chloe frowned. "How do you know all this?"
            Jack shrugged. "I read some travel brochures."
            "Yeah right. When do you have time to read?"
            "On the plane while you were sleeping."
            The waitress came up to them and they ordered their food. They sat awkwardly after she had left, neither knowing what to talk about. Chloe looked around them, keeping her gaze on anything that wasn't Jack. He, on the other hand, kept his eyes on her and watched with a smile as she tried to avoid his stare. Finally, Chloe couldn't stand it anymore.
            "What?" she snapped.
            "You're staring."
            "I know."
            "Do you really want me to?" he asked, concern suddenly in his eyes.
            Chloe stopped, taking a few breaths while she thought about the question. Biting her lip, she tried to think of a way to voice her thoughts.
            "No," she answered. "It's just…I don’t understand why you're staring at me."
            Jack smiled and tentatively put his hand over hers. Her eyes widened and she stared at their hands, reveling in his touch.
            "I was just realizing how much I missed you," he whispered.
            Still looking at their hands, Chloe entwined their fingers. "I missed you too," she said.
            By the time dinner came, they still hadn't found anything to really talk about. They both thought about the lines they crossed in their friendship today, but neither really wanted to bring it up. They sat in silence, each remembering what had transpired on the beach, and each thinking how good it had felt, how right. Their drinks ran low, but someone kept returning to fill them again, and soon they were both feeling much more relaxed. As their meals were set before them, they reluctantly let go of each other's hand and focused on their food.
            "Where's that cute boy that's been bringing us drinks?" Chloe asked after they had finished eating.
            Jack laughed. "I'm not really sure you need anymore, Chloe. Unless of course you're trying to get me drunk so that you can seduce me later."
            "That's the plan," she answered with a straight face.
            "Well, I should tell you that it's working. A couple more and you can have your way with me."
            "I'll keep that in mind."
            Jack flailed about for a witty remark, but found that his brain had stopped working when the conversation had turned to seducing. "You really think you can handle more alcohol?" he asked instead.
            "You should talk," she retorted. "I may be chugging, but I still can't keep up with you."
            "Do you know how long it's been since I've had a drink?" he asked.
            "Far too long."
            "That just means it's gonna hit you harder, Jack."
            "Just don't blame me when you're puking your guts out in the morning."
            "Do you want another drink or not?"
            Chloe nodded. Jack grabbed their glasses and stood up, focusing on not toppling over. Chloe was right – the alcohol had gone straight to his head. But after everything that happened, he figured he deserved to let loose a little.
            Chloe watched in amusement as Jack all but stumbled up to the bar. She couldn't blame him for drinking. The last three years of his life had been absolute hell and the poor guy deserved a break. Which was probably why he had finally taken this vacation – but she still couldn't figure out why he had asked her to come. She thought she might know the answer, but she was scared to even let the thought enter her mind. If she was wrong, it would just hurt all over again.
            As Jack was waiting for their drinks, he noticed a woman down the bar staring at him. She smiled seductively at him and he nodded his head in acknowledgement, but he turned his attention back to the bartender, hoping the woman would go away. She was beautiful, but he wasn't interested. The only woman he cared about was sitting back at their table, waiting for him to bring her another drink. He wondered if they'd both had too much, and if he should cut them off to make sure anything they…did…together would be because they really wanted to. He could already feel the alcohol messing with his head, and he was having a hard time restraining from just dragging Chloe down to the beach with him and making love to her right then and there. Jack shook his head and looked up again. Much to his dismay, the woman got up and made her way over to him, sashaying her hips and smiling. When she reached him she laid her hand lightly on his arm and Jack was forced to face her.
            "Can I help you?" he asked.
            "Just thought I'd say hi. Introduce myself. I'm Marilyn."
            Jack nodded. "Hi," he said tersely, wondering how he was going to get rid of this woman.
            "Aren't you going to tell me your name?"
            "Why not?"
            "Because I'm here with someone else."
            The woman frowned slightly. "Who?"
            Jack looked over his shoulder at Chloe, who was staring out at the water. "Her," he said, a huge smile on his face.
            "Her?" Marilyn repeated, derision evident in her voice.
            Jack glared at the woman. "Yes. Her. And if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna get back to her now."
            "Looks like you're too late," Marilyn said over her shoulder as she walked back to her seat. "Seems she left without you."
            Jack turned around quickly and saw that their table was empty. He swore under his breath and hastily paid the bartender for their meal and drinks. Jogging away from the bar, he looked around and breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Chloe walking along the edge of the water. He ran to catch up with her.
            Chloe angrily brushed the tears off of her cheeks. She was confused, and that was why she had left the table. They had had a wonderful day, and Chloe could still feel Jack's hands on her from earlier. She couldn't remember a better day in her entire life. But as she had watched that other woman flirt with him, she starting questioning again what she was doing here. Jack couldn't possibly want her, not that way, not when he could have absolutely any woman he wanted.
            She turned as she heard feet pounding on the sand behind her. Jack was running toward her, a worried expression on his face. Chloe prayed that her face didn't show any evidence of her crying.
            "Hey," she said when slowed and fell into step beside her.
            "Hey," he replied. "Are you okay?"
            "Yeah, I'm fine."
            "Then why did you leave?"
            "Just wanted to take a walk."
            Jack walked in front of her and turned around, taking her shoulders in his hands. "There's something else Chloe. Tell me."
            "Jack, I'm fine."
            "Please, Chloe."
            "Why are you here?" she asked suddenly.
            Jack's eyes narrowed in confusion. "What do you mean?"
            "Why are you here? With me? Why did you ask me to come?"
            He floundered for a response, struggling to understand where these questions had come from. "Because…you're my friend. Because I wanted to spend time with you. If you don't want to be here, Chloe…"
            "No, Jack. I want to be here. I just don't get why you want me here."
            Words eluded Jack as he desperately tried to think of a way to explain it to her. He wanted to tell her everything he'd been feeling for the past two years – hell, maybe even longer than that. But the alcohol was impeding his thought process as it continued to course through his body. He looked at Chloe, who was staring at him, waiting for an answer. Something in his brain finally snapped, and Jack leaned in to kiss her.
            Chloe immediately stiffened at the feel of his lips on hers. But Jack's mouth was insistent, and soon Chloe was wrapped around him, their tongues dancing wildly. Jack's hands were all over her back as he pulled her even closer, causing her to groan and Chloe's cognitive abilities shut down one by one.
            It was the taste of alcohol that snapped her brain back on. She suddenly remembered just how much he'd had to drink and she silently berated herself for thinking that this could be real. Reluctantly she pulled away, gasping for breath. Jack ran his hands up and down her spine as he leaned his forehead against hers.
            "Why are we stopping?" he asked.
            "Because I saw how much you had to drink tonight, Jack."
            Jack smiled and pulled her into his body again. "But, Chloe, I thought you were going to get me drunk and seduce me tonight. I'm already drunk, so we can move on to the seducing now."
            Chloe pulled back, certain now that Jack was pretty far gone. The Jack she knew would have tried to convince her he wasn't drunk or he would have apologized.
            "No, Jack."
            "You don't want to seduce me?" he asked.
            "Jack, I want you sober when I seduce you."
            Jack's eyes widened. "So you do want to seduce me?"
            Chloe rolled her eyes. "Will it make you feel better if I said yes?"
            "Only if you mean it."
            "Then the answer is yes."
            Jack smiled again and leaned in to kiss her neck. He took his time and kissed every inch from her chin to her shoulder, letting his tongue graze her skin. Chloe concentrated on breathing as she tried to reign in her body's responses. But she wanted him badly, and he was not helping her take the moral high ground. Pushing against his chest, Chloe took his face in her hands and made him look at her.
            "Look, Jack. If you still want me in the morning, I will let you have your way with me, okay? But not like this. I will not have you waking up and regretting what we did. I don't want you to regret anything you do with me, you got that?"
            "But Chloe…"
            "No buts, Jack. Sober up and then I'll let you kiss me. If you still want to." She took his hand and led him down the beach. As they walked back toward the hotel, Jack leaned in and whispered in her ear, "I will."
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Alrighty, guys. Here's the third installment of Somewhere Warm....

            After settling into their luxurious room, Chloe and Jack decided to spend their first day at the beach. Jack used the bathroom to change, leaving Chloe the bedroom. Opening her bags, she nearly choked at what Nadia had packed for her. Most of the things weren't even her clothes – Nadia must have gone shopping for her.
            Chloe gulped as she pulled out what she assumed to be her bathing suit. It was small and black and in two pieces – definitely not something she would ever have picked out. She desperately searched the rest of her bags, but the slinky black number was the only bathing suit packed. Chloe grimaced and began to change while imagining horrible torture techniques to use on Nadia when they got home.
            Jack sighed as he leaned on the sink and looked at his reflection in the mirror. He had forgotten that going to the beach would mean wearing a bathing suit. And that wearing his swim trunks would mean that his scars would be visible for the world to see. He could get away with wearing a t-shirt down to the beach, but once they were there, there would be no reason to keep it on. Who went to the Bahamas and kept their shirt on? You were pretty much expected to waltz around in your bathing suit the entire time you were there.
            He slipped his shirt over his head and sighed again. Realizing that hiding in the bathroom all day wasn't an option, he opened the bathroom door and walked back into the bedroom.
            Jack's jaw nearly hit the floor when he saw Chloe. The black bikini top she was wearing accentuated every curve and left very little to the imagination. She had put on a green beach wrap, but the material was nearly sheer, and Jack could see that the bottom of the bathing suit didn't cover much either. He was left utterly speechless as he stared at her.
            Chloe crossed her arms and fidgeted, feeling extremely uncomfortable under Jack's scrutiny. She couldn't tell if he was staring because she looked that bad or because he was enjoying the view. She really hoped it was the latter. But he just continued to stare at her, and Chloe finally couldn't take it anymore.
            "I'm going to kill Nadia," she blurted.
            Jack reluctantly tore his eyes from her body and tried to focus on her face instead. "Huh?"
            "Nadia. I'm going to kill her. Right after I kill Milo."
            "Why Nadia?" asked Jack, still very much confused.
            "Do you see this?" Chloe yelled, gesturing at her barely-clad body. Jack fervently wished she wouldn't do that, seeing as how he was already having trouble focusing on anything BUT her body. "Does this look like something I would wear?"
            It was then that Jack realized that Chloe was nervous about her appearance. She had no clue how absolutely stunning she looked on normal days – nevermind when she was wearing that little black bikini…
            Jack snapped his thoughts back and walked over to her, placing his hands on her hips as she watched him warily. "Chloe, you look amazing," he whispered, looking her straight in the eye. She fidgeted some more, but eventually stopped as she realized he was being sincere.
            "Thanks," she whispered back, a broad grin growing on her face.
            Jack squeezed her hips and turned to pick up the bag that held their towels and umbrella. "But I expect that wrap to come off as soon as we find a spot on the beach," he said over his shoulder as he walked toward the door.
            Chloe's eyes widened for a moment before she came back with a retort. "And I expect you to lose that damn t-shirt. If I have to be half-naked, you have to be half-naked with me, Bauer." And with that she sashayed out of the suite leaving a shocked Jack following in her wake.
            There were quite a few people on the beach, but not enough to feel crowded. Jack and Chloe easily found a spot and laid out their towels next to each other. Jack set up their beach umbrella, but Chloe turned it so that it was shading the sand behind their towels. At Jack's inquiring glance, she replied, "I didn't come here to sit in the shade, Jack."
            As Jack settled down on his towel, he was suddenly distracted as Chloe took off her wrap. He never would have guessed that she had such gorgeous legs, but there they were, staring him right in the face. Breathing was suddenly becoming an issue for him as she sat next to him.
            "Your turn," she said, turning to him expectantly.
            "My turn for what?" he asked.
            Chloe reached over and began tugging his shirt up. "To lose the shirt, Jack. We had a deal remember?"
            Pushing her hands down gently, but firmly, Jack replied, "No Chloe. My shirt is fine just where it is."
            "Come on, Jack. You can't be nervous about how you look. You're gorgeous," Chloe replied as she kept fighting to rid him of his shirt.
            Jack stopped, still holding the bottom of his shirt down. "Gorgeous?" he asked, his eyebrows raised.
            Chloe gave him a withering glance. "You know you're gorgeous, Bauer. Now take off the damn shirt!"
            Jack continued to fight her on the subject. "Chloe, what does it matter? Just leave my shirt alone!"
            Chloe didn't even spare him a reply this time. She just continued working on getting his shirt over his head. Finally Jack grabbed her wrists firmly and looked her in the eye.
            "Chloe stop."
            At the seriousness of his tone, Chloe did stop. She looked at Jack in confusion, wondering why he was giving her such a hard time about this. It wasn't like he was going to be exposing any more skin than she already was…
            "Your scars," she whispered.
            Jack looked away and nodded, letting go of her wrists. Chloe watched him for a minute, willing him to look at her. But he just kept his head down. She sat there thinking, wondering how she could convince him that it was okay, that they didn't bother anybody else and that they shouldn't bother him.
            Finally she stood up with a determined look on her face and pulled the t-shirt over his head before he could recover from his surprise. She calmly folded the shirt, ignoring the look he was giving her. He was still staring at her as she sat down next to him again. She returned his gaze before planting a quick kiss on his shoulder.
            "You're still gorgeous," she said.
            Jack couldn't help but smile as she laid down in the sun.
            "Chloe, you're going to burn," he said a few minutes later.
            "I don't care," she mumbled, her voice muffled by the towel. She was lying on her stomach, letting her back and legs soak in the tropical sun.
            "You will tonight when it starts to hurt and the rest of your vacation is ruined," he pointed out.
            Chloe sighed, but propped herself up on her elbows and looked at Jack. "Okay."
            Jack nodded. "Good."
            Chloe continued to stare at him, but Jack couldn't figure out what she wanted.
            "Well?" she prodded.
            "Well what?" he asked.
            She reached over and grabbed the suntan lotion out of her bag and tossed it to him. "I can't reach my back," she said in explanation before lying back down.
            Jack stared at her body with something akin to terror. It wasn't that he didn't want to touch Chloe – on the contrary, that was pretty much all he wanted to do. But if he put this lotion on her, he would only be able to think about the feel of her skin for the rest of the trip – possibly for the rest of his life.
            Taking a deep breath, he tried to calm himself. He could do this, he told himself. It was just a friend helping another friend. While having more than friendly thoughts about her. Jack shut his eyes and tried to expel those images from his mind.
            "Squirt and rub, Jack."
            "What?" he practically screeched, her voice abruptly pulling him out of his fantasies.
            "Suntan lotion. It's pretty simple. You squirt and rub."
            "Right," he mumbled.
            Thankfully Jack didn't melt when he started rubbing the lotion in. He concentrated on the task at hand, methodically covering every inch of her exposed flesh with the sunscreen. Her skin felt nice under his hands and he found it very difficult to convince himself to stop when the job was finished.
            Chloe, on the other hand, was melting. She knew she was playing a dangerous game when she asked Jack to put the sunscreen on her, but she was hoping that her body wouldn't betray her as much as it was. The feel of his hands on her bare back and on her thighs made her want to push him back on his towel and have her way with him right there on the beach. She imagined what it would be like to have Jack Bauer in her bed, touching her like this all over her body. The very thought made her skin go hot, and she thanked God that the sun was so strong. She had to bite back a moan of regret when Jack pulled his hands away and put the cap back on the bottle.
            "All set," he said quietly.
            Chloe sat up and grabbed the bottle from his hands. "Thanks. Your turn."
            Jack shook his head. "Chloe…"
            "Oh shut up, Jack. Your scars don't bother me. Now turn over."
            Realizing that it would be useless to fight her on this, Jack laid down on his stomach with out another word. He expected to feel the cool lotion on his back, but was surprised when he just felt Chloe's fingers, tracing his wounds.
            "Oh Jack…" she whispered. "What did they do to you?"
            Jack found himself shivering as Chloe placed feather-light kisses along his scars. She gave them her full attention and didn't miss a single one. By the time she was putting the sunscreen on her hands, Jack's breathing was already labored.
            Her small hands on his back were driving Jack crazy. All he wanted to do was turn over and pull her down with him, kissing her with everything his body was screaming at him. It didn't help matters that she was kneading his muscles as she worked the lotion in, making him groan in pleasure. He suddenly wondered how he was going to make it through the whole vacation sharing a bed with her. He wasn't sure he could even make it one night without kissing her, nevermind two weeks.
            With the sunscreen finally dealt with, Jack and Chloe laid down and enjoyed the beach. They both dozed in the hot sun, reveling in the fact that there were no international crises that they had to attend to. All that had to worry about was not burning and remembering to eat.
            As the sun began to set, Jack sat back up. He nudged Chloe until she joined him, and they watched the sky dance in brilliant colors as the day came to a close. Jack watched Chloe from the corner of his eye, amazed at how breath-taking she was. It was nice to see her relaxed and enjoying herself.
            "I want to be a beach bum," she said suddenly.
            Jack laughed. "A beach bum?"
            "Yeah. You know, live in a hut on a beach. Maybe run a bar or a tourist shop." She turned to look at him. "It sounds nice."
            "Wouldn't you miss your computer?" he asked.
            Chloe thought for a minute. "Well, I'd like to have a computer with me. But hacking into systems and doing satellite feeds? I think I could live a happy beach life without those."
            Jack stood up and stretched out his hand for her. "Come on," he said.
            "Where are we going?"
            "Dinner. There's a great place at the other end of the beach."
            "But Jack, I need to change."
            "No you don't. Put on that little wrap thing and you'll be just fine."
            "Jack, that wrap is practically see-through."
            "I know," he said smugly.
            Chloe glared at him, but accepted his hand. As she put on her wrap, Jack put his shirt back on and packed up their stuff. Then taking her hand, he led her down the beach.
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            "The Bahamas?" Chloe asked as they stood in line to board the plane.
            Jack nodded. "At first I was thinking Fiji, but I didn't want to get any closer to China than I had to."
            "You're taking me to the Bahamas?" she asked again.
            "Paradise Island, to be exact," he stated, as he snaked his left arm around her waist, pulling her closer.
            Chloe's eyes widened and she turned to look at Jack as he struggled to keep his face passive and serious as he stared ahead. She was suddenly having trouble breathing. The thought of being with Jack in the Bahamas – with the sun and the beach and the water and the bathing suits and the heat – was causing her to have some pretty intense fantasies right then and there. She tried to stop them, but the feel of his arm around her waist, with this fingers lightly grazing her skin was distracting her from the task.
            "Hey," he said quietly, giving her a quick squeeze. "You okay?"
            "Yeah, I'm fine." She managed to snap with some of her usual viciousness. He was so close that she could smell him – and Jack Bauer smelled amazing. She found herself moving a little closer to him, relaxing into him.
            Just then, the line began moving as the passengers boarded the plane. Chloe breathed a sigh of relief as she extricated herself from Jack's hold and moved ahead of him to give her ticket and board the plane.
            "Relax, Chloe," Jack said as the plane ascended into the air. His eyes were closed, his head leaning against the seat, but he could tell that she was tense.
            "I'm fine."
            Jack chuckled. "You're not fine. You're sitting there, stiff as a board. Just tell me what's bothering you."
            Jack sighed. She wasn't going to make this easy for him. He opened his eyes and looked at her, saw how nervous she was as she absently rubbed her hands again. Jack wouldn’t admit it, but he was scared to death. He wasn't sure if she was uncomfortable because she didn't want to be close to him or if it was because she felt the same way he did. Hesitating a couple of times, Jack finally reached out and took her hand with his, entwining their fingers. Chloe turned to look at him, but he had already closed his eyes again.
            "Relax, Chloe."
            When they stepped out of the airport, they were greeted instantly by the tropical heat and blazing sun. Jack hailed a taxi as Chloe slipped on her sunglasses and they put their bags in the trunk of the car. When Jack told the cabbie where to take them, Chloe interrupted.
            "We're staying at the Atlantis?"
            "Jack, that's a five-star hotel."
            Chloe, slightly perturbed as Jack's responses, suddenly rested on another thought.
            "Do we have separate rooms?"
            Jack bit his lip before answering. "I don't know."
            "What do you mean, Jack? You have to tell them how many rooms you want when you make reservations."
            "I didn't make the reservations."
            "Then who did?"
            "Oh, God," she moaned.
            "Hi. Reservation for Jack Bauer," he told the receptionist at the hotel.
            The woman smiled at him as she looked him up in the computer. When the file appeared, her face lit up as she looked at him and Chloe.
            "Mr. and Mrs. Bauer! Welcome to the Atlantis. And congratulations on your wedding!"
            Chloe tried hard not to faint or choke or do anything embarrassing like that. But there was a distinct lack of oxygen going to her brain as she processed the woman's greeting.
            "Huh?" Jack asked, trying to mask his astonishment.
            "Here are your room keys. Matthias will bring your bags up to the Honeymoon Suite for you."
            Jack made a quick decision. He could either debate his marital status with the receptionist, or he could just play along. He chose the latter, hoping that Chloe wouldn't kill him.
            "Thank you," he said. Then he turned to Chloe, draping an arm around her waist and steering her toward the elevators. "C'mon sweetheart."
            When they were in the elevator, Chloe jerked away from him.
            "Married?" she screeched.
            "I told you I didn't make the reservations."
            "The Honeymoon Suite?"
            "Blame Milo."
            "I plan on shooting him," she huffed as she crossed her arms over her chest.
            "Come on, Chloe. It's not that bad. I'll sleep on the floor if you want."
            Chloe frowned and moved closer to him again. "No. That's not fair. I'm sure the bed's big enough."
            Jack tried to hide his smile. "Are you suggesting we sleep together?"
            "Well I'm not taking the floor. And I'm not letting you sleep there. So yeah. I am."
            Jack leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. "Good," he whispered as the elevator doors slid open.
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            Jack watched Chloe at her workstation as he stood in Bill's office. Even from that distance he could see that her hands were rubbed raw from trying to get the blood of her ex-husband off of them. She was focusing intently on her computer screen, but he could tell that she was just barely holding on.
            Chloe looked on in horror as she realized that Morris had betrayed them all. That he had betrayed his country because of her. She searched for something, anything, to say, but words eluded her. She could only stare at the man she had once loved.
            "Thank you, Morris," Nina said. "We won't be needing your services any longer."
            She put a gun to Morris' head and pulled the trigger.
            "So where are you going to go, Jack?" Bill asked, pulling the other man out of his memories.
            "Somewhere warm," he answered, still looking down at Chloe.
            Bill smiled. "Good. I expect you to relax the whole time you're there, Jack. No breaking into any consulates or uncovering any government conspiracies, you go that?"
            Jack let a small smile creep onto his face. "Yeah, I promise."
            Bill walked over to him and placed a hand on his shoulder.
            "Just ask her, Jack," he said quietly.
            "What if she says no?" Jack asked, his voice small and afraid – something Bill had never heard from him before.
            As Jack reached the bottom of the stairs, he was met by Milo and Nadia.
            "All set, Jack," Milo told him. "Here you go." He handed something to Jack. Your bags are packed and in the SUV."
            "Chloe's are too," Nadia interjected.
            Jack was in the process of stuffing the object in his back pocket when her words sunk in. He looked at her sharply. "But I haven't asked her yet. And how did you even know I was going to ask her?"
            "Oh come on, Jack. We're not stupid. It's become increasingly obvious how you feel about her. Especially since you finally got rid of Audrey."
            Milo winced at Nadia's bluntness. She had definitely been spending too much time with Chloe. "Look, Jack. You both need a vacation. A very long vacation where you spend too much time in the sun and drink far too many fruity drinks with the little umbrellas in them. Even if nothing…you know…happens…you two are friends. And you could both use a friend right now. So go. Ask her."
            Jack smiled and shook Milo's hand. "Thank, Milo."
            As he was walking away, Jack turned around again. "Oh, and Nadia? Milo's just too scared to ask you out. You might have take the initiative."
            He walked towards Chloe's station as Milo was left standing in shock next to a smirking Nadia.
            She was rubbing her hands again. She knew that she should stop, but she was doing it naturally though. She could still feel the blood oozing between her fingers as she held Morris' head. She could still feel it running down her hands as she looked at his eyes and realized he was already gone – had been before he'd hit the ground. She could still see it staining her clothes as she realized that he had betrayed everything, and that she didn't – couldn't – love him anymore.
            She turned to see Jack looking at her, worry evident in his eyes. She tried to smile, but it came across as more of a grimace.
            "Hey," she said.
            He looked around nervously, and Chloe realized that he was fidgeting. That seemed wrong to her. Jack Bauer never fidgeted. That was her thing. She reached out her hand and laid it gently on his arm, startling herself with the contact. It felt like forever since she had really touched anyone.
            "I have something ask you," he said abruptly, looking straight into her eyes.
            She nodded, finally feeling like she was on familiar ground. "What do you need?" she asked.
            Jack looked at her, trying to figure out where the change in her tone had come from. He rifled back through what he had just said, and then it hit him.
            "No, Chloe…" he smiled, realizing that he had butterflies in his stomach for the first time in a very long time. "I don't need you to do anything…well, I mean…I do, but not…not for work. Just…for me," he whispered the last part.
            Her familiar ground being taken out from under her, Chloe took up the fidgeting where Jack had left off. "What do you mean?"
            Jack took a deep breath and pulled something out of his back pocket. He held it in front of him, staring at it because he couldn't stand to look at her as he asked.
            "I'm leaving," he said, and that was all he got out. He heard a sharp intake of breath and looked up in time to see a tear slide down Chloe's cheek as she tried her hardest to keep her face stoic. Her heart dropped like a stone into her stomach as she realized that he was just here to say goodbye. She took her hand off of his arm and took a step back.
            Jack reacted quickly. He took her face in his hands, still holding the object from his back pocket. "No, Chloe. It's not like that. I'm not leaving for good. I just…need a break. I need to go somewhere where I can just…relax. Though I'm not even sure I know how to do that anymore."
            Chloe nodded and calmed down – but only a little. He might say that he was coming back now, but who was to say he wouldn't disappear again? He had been in China for the past eighteen months, and presumed dead the year before that. And now he was leaving again, just when she was adjusting to his being around.
            "I want you to come with me," he said quietly, breaking her out of her thoughts.
            "What?" she asked, her nose crinkling in confusion.
            Jack took a deep breath and took his hands from her face. He fumbled with what was in his hands, and she finally saw that they were plane tickets.
            "I want you to come with me," he repeated. "We both need a vacation, Chloe…we both need to get away from here for awhile. Away from the memories." He looked up at her again. "And you're the only person I'd want to go with."
            Chloe looked at him in shock. Her brain had started to shut down as soon as he finished saying that he wanted her to go with him. Her mind, working like a computer, shut down when faced with an impossible function.
            She suddenly remembered to breath again. "Where would we go?" she asked.
            Jack allowed himself a small smile. "Is that a yes?"
            Chloe looked down at her feet. Was it?
            "Yes," she whispered.
            Jack's face broke into a wide grin as she answered him. He put the tickets down on her desk and pulled her to him, wrapping his arms around her and holding her tight. He felt her stiffen immediately, but as he started to pull away, she returned the embrace with a desperation that he thought only he felt.
            When they broke apart, they stayed close – her hands still on his shoulders and his still on her waist.
            "Where are we going?" she asked again.
            Jack smiled as he turned and packed up her things from her desk. He shut down her computer and grabbed the tickets.
            "I'm not telling you," he said.
            "But Jack, you have to. How am I going to pack?"
            "Your bags are already in the car."
            "You packed my bags?" she asked, her voice going up a few notches at the thought of Jack touching her clothes.
            "No, no. Don't worry," he said as he wrapped an arm around her waist and led her out of CTU. "Nadia broke into your apartment and packed your stuff. No boys touched your things."
            Chloe turned her head and shot Nadia a nasty look, but the woman just smiled at her. She and Milo waved cheerily as the two exited the building.


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