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Okay, so I went to go see the new Halloween movie this afternoon. The movie (in my opinion) pretty much sucked until the end. It was overly sexualized, with horrendous language use and verbal child abuse. I was disturbed and repulsed. I'm a fan of the original, and I hope to never see this remake again.

But the movie wasn't my problem.

My problem was that there were CHILDREN in the theater. That's right. They couldn't have been more than 10 years old. And it wasn't just one jackass who brought his kid. There were like, two or three separate adults who brough KIDS. Who the FUCK does that? I'm sorry for the language, but I was absolutely DISGUSTED. A child shouldn't see the FIRST Halloween, nevermind the ROB ZOMBIE version. I honestly do not know what these people were thinking. I can't even be sure that they WERE thinking.

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So I made the mistake of reading the paper again this morning. Silly, silly me. Anyway, there's this beautiful historic house in New London (which is where I live). It's kind of fallen into disrepair. The neighbors complained about it and the inspector finally came in (who should have come in a long time ago) and ordered that the house be repaired. The owner refuses. He's almost 70, but don't let that fool you. He's not some old decrepit man. Anyway, he refuses to repair the house because it would cost $300,000 to do so and only $32,000 to WRECKING BALL it. So that's his decision. He applied for a permit to demolish this beautiful historic house. The Historical Society got a delay of 90 days and are trying to reason with him. People have offered to buy the home from him and said that THEY will repair it. The owner says selling isn't an option. And why? 

Because he doesn't want someone else fixing it up and making the neighbor that complained happy. 

WTF? There's a name for that. In fact, there's probably a few. I'm going to go with selfish bastard for now, only because the other words in my head are SO not appropriate for civilized conversation.
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I watch these movies set in Africa, about the civil war and death and unrest and refuges and pain. And I cry. And I cry. And I want to help them. But I feel at such a loss. I find myself unwilling and afraid to make any real sacrifice in order to go over there and try to do something. I am afraid of getting hurt. I am afraid of the culture shock. But most of all, I'm afraid of being useless. I'm afraid of being alone. And then I find myself wondering how we can really do any's like we're just putting bandaids on a gaping chest wound. Because, in the end, it comes down to this: How do we get people to stop killing each other? And I have no answer. I have no solution. I don't even have any ideas, good or bad.

I just feel useless and at a loss
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from the newspaper:

- All Catholics are dumb and brainwashed
- Congress' only job is to play to the President's wishes and get more money for the troops
- Those we're fighting a war against are an "evil virus" and "all civilized nations" should join America in "destroying" them
- By loving Harry Potter I am neglecting to support our troops and in general just being a bad person

THIS is why I don't read anything that Bush says or the Letters to the Editor.


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