Dec. 17th, 2011

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title: i didn't ask for much (you gave me everything you had)
pairing: john/elizabeth
summary: this is in an AU where Atlantis was destroyed, and the cast of Hawaii Five-0 somehow found their way to the Pegasus galaxy. Steve, Kono, Danny and Grace are from 5-0. Gabby is my own OC. i really do hope to write this whole thing out some day.
disclaimer: i own nothing.

They had no way of knowing when Christmas was anymore.

Ordinarily, that wouldn’t have bothered John so much. But they were all in desperate need of cheering up lately, and now they were on a planet covered in a soft blanket of snow. Grace’s eyes had lit up at the sight, and the group had unanimously agreed to stay for a few days and celebrate the holiday as best they could. They all said that they were doing it for Grace, because the little girl had lost so much already, but they could be honest in the quiet of their own hearts. They needed this.

Though options were limited, they made do. Ronon and Teyla hunted for most of the day, bringing back enough meat that they could have a feast. Danny, Steve, Kono and Gabby played in the snow with Grace, making snow angels and snowmen and having snowball fights. Everyone joined in on the latter, splitting into teams and enjoying the laughter that had been absent from their lives for the past three months. John managed to get snow down the back of his shirt from a sneaky Cadman, but that was mostly Elizabeth’s fault. If she hadn’t looked so beautiful with snowflakes in her hair and dancing on her eyelashes, he wouldn’t have been so distracted.

Not that he really minded.

Once dinner was finished, everyone settled down into quiet groups, enjoying the fire and the peace. Grace was fast asleep, leaning against her father. Ronon and Teyla had already retired to their tent. John noted with a smile that Steve and Kono were practically sitting on top of each other as they talked in hushed voices - it was only a matter of time for those two.

But mostly his attention was caught by Elizabeth. She stared into the fire with a look that was at once hopeful and sad, and he couldn’t resist the urge to sit down next to her, letting their bodies touch. If she made a comment, he figured he could use the cold as an excuse.

She didn’t question it.

“It’s not quite Christmas,” he said, his voice apologetic. “No tree. No presents...”

“Good food and good friends,” she interrupted quietly. “I’m not sure we could ask for anything better right now.”

“True,” he conceded. She hadn’t moved her gaze from the flames. “You okay?”

One corner of her mouth curled upwards. “Better than I expected.” She finally turned to look at him, the fire somehow still dancing in her eyes. “Is it strange that I miss Atlantis more than Earth?”

John shook his head. “No.”

She let out a breath that sounded almost relieved at his response. “It could be so much worse, John. Look at the people we’ve managed to keep safe. How far we’ve come. We could have lost everything.”

I could have lost you - again, he thought.

“You didn’t, though,” she replied.

John started slightly, her words catching him off-guard. Had he actually said that aloud?


She reached out and touched his face gently, fingers tracing the curves there. John found himself unable to move, unable to breathe, his eyes locked with hers. Elizabeth gave him a small smile and leaned in, pressing a kiss to a spot right next to his mouth.

“Merry Christmas, John,” she whispered.

His own words came out in a broken sigh as he moved his mouth to cover hers, everything but the sound of the fire crackling and the warmth of her body falling away. It didn’t matter what planet they were on, or where they would find themselves tomorrow. It didn’t matter that they were homeless and on their own. They were an island together. And for the first time since Atlantis had been destroyed, John thought that maybe - just maybe - they would make it.

It was enough.


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